17 comments on “im still here

  1. Aren’t you a GSA Follower? Also I was told from your track record you clan hop when clans start to dimmer down and please fix your grammar. If you do wish to help us be useful and help organize pages and a recruit 1 or 2 members but while doing so please work on the grammar brah. I will place you as an advisor for now.

    • The only reason why he actually “left” because he knew that this clan was going into dark times, and he didn'[t know what to do to help save it. i mean, its not his fault that he left, many people did. People are coming back because we have finally realized what has happened, and are trying to help save it from collapsing.

      • you need all the help you can get anyway
        and I do not clan hop… -.- I never will clan hop ok

      • Actually, chosen one is on the Fallen Legacies list under the history tab. he is one of the legends of BOA, and even when he was in multiple clans or even when he was GSA he still supported BOA and helped out in tremendous ways.

  2. If Bored pro agrees with me chosen, you will become a director. Your current job now is to pretty much inspect everything and notify us if you feel that something needs a change, as well as updating the checklist that we have on BOA bringing us back up to its feet. Also, if you’re available on Friday or this weekend, we could maybe gather the two of us and Bored Pro to help reform some of the laws? If you’re not available Friday I understand, just make sure you tell me by thursday!

    • You misplace you own authority since you could make him director without my permission just be sure to update the list and let me know what to keep him as between editor or author. As the CCL said brah you are now a director congrats ^_^

      • I believe I do not misplace my own authority, for I have not tried to overule any decision regarding chosen. I had simple stated that if you agree with me on chosen becoming a director, then he will become one. You were the one I had to make sure would go with this before doing it, so therefore I haven’t done anything wrong

  3. Also just to say I will never be on Friday afternoon or saturday morning to afternoon. Religious reasons so if its gonna be friday or saturday for anything with me involved just know.

  4. Risika, BOA Director (aka Lord Avarice, Dark Ignition, or for those who doubt i am who i say i am, and have been around long enough, GAM3R23 on said:

    im sorry I cant be more useful to the clan right now guys.

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