17 comments on “Site Clean up List Pt.2

  1. sup guys nice to see some of you again like iphinxz. I see your trying to revive BOA. If you want my help reviving I would love to help 😀

    • Since you yourself are regarded as a legend of BOA and it is my duty as the Clan Leader to entrust that our most powerful and beloved members keep this clan strong I’m sure my co clan leader Iphinxz will not object of me making you a Director. Iphinxz will give you your 1st task.

    • I’ll be honored to have you back Dave, we need people like you to help out around here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as good as this before I left, and now I’m starting to see my potential as a leader. Glad your back though!

      • I never expected to become the Clan Leader but after all my training from so many strong ones I am honored to have you as my 2nd in command.

  2. kk, sorry guys but I’ll be inactive for 2 weeks, got to deal with school shiet lawl jks, just house work, clean it up, deal with other bullsh*t and yeah, hopefully I’ll be back earlier
    waso123 out~

    • Thank you for letting us know waso, I was a little worried about you because I didnt know whether or not you had been inactive because you decided to leave, but thank you for alerting us with a calid excuse!

      • No probs, I really am sorry for being inactive, I wish I could do something about it

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