19 comments on “Nyove’s Proposal

  1. Sure, cleaning up the site will be just fine. No need to trouble yourself and create a new website. 🙂 Nice job! We are really doing something now. We might be able to revive ourselves like how BoZ does.

    My assignment to roles

    Bored Pro – Supervise everyone
    PhinxZ – Keep webpage clean and updated
    Nyove – Schedude events and introducing new members
    (Empty) – Ensure ground rules met to make a nice and peaceful environment
    (Empty) – Make posts once in a while to keep the whole clan active

    I don’t really have good leadership so I really need your help and if any roles above seems inappropriate you can tell me. I won’t take any offence I am trying to learn too! 🙂

    And here’s a thing I thought of:

    Friendly Duels

    It’s basically like a competition against other clan or ourselves. Something like war but we mean no harm. It’s just a friendly competition. It can happen on a weekly basics or something xD. Maybe a tournament which will decide the ranking of new recruits too! And those new ranked up recruits could judge the duels and tournaments too! I THINK this will make the clan extremely active and excited for every new upcoming duels and competion. XD

    Anyways, keep the sprit up! This clan is revivable! 😀 Together we can do this. Let this be a lesson to future descendants too!

  2. I like the idea. Make it official. Remove all inactive and go with his plan. I’m also a inactive, so that means me too. Nice job Nyove.

  3. Its nice to see you guys are keeping active and proposing great ideas. I am working at job corps right now and as such have no access to game sites or the wordpress login screen. tell me if there is anything I can do

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