11 comments on “Solution For Our Organization Chat

  1. Alrighty m8 heres my plan:

    1. Remove all inactive members and set CLEAR goals
    – We need to be sure of our situation and prepare before even proceeding. I don’t even know what to do with the clan cause I don’t know what is happening to it. (I need intel)
    2. Assign roles
    – Everyone must be contributing to the clan. In order not to have people inactive in clan, they must have a sense of belonging to a clan. Just like me, when I join certain clan, I don’t really know what to do. My clan tag is just for looks.
    3. Keep healthy and active relationship w/ different people and clans
    – This way you can compete w/ others frequently and others will respect you. You know what I mean?
    4. Assign ranks and jobs (or events) to new members.
    – Every new member is precious. The first thing a new member doesn’t want is that they have nothing to do w/ their clans. Whats the point of joining a organization if you don’t even have the chance to participate in the first place?
    5. Clean up the website
    – Navigation is important especially if someone would like to get information from you. Right now there are so many tabs I don’t know what to really do with them. I know these are precious little memories but can we shoved all those memories into one side for later usage?
    6. Introduce new members
    – New members are especially crucial to building up a strong clan

    I think all of this w/ a little help of the internet and myself. Inspiration by iphinxz. Please do something about it and not just read my comments for your bedtime stories. I want to have a meeting soon. I want to discuss about the games we can expand into.

    My actual plan.

    BoredPro – You will supervise and make sure everyone is doing their jobs
    Nyove – I will try my best to maintain good relations w/ new members and have events that the new members can participate.
    iphinxz – Can you do the recruiting?
    Superkilla – Bring ideas or events and tell me about it. I trust on you

    Any names that I havent listed down and reply me for your assigned jobs to help this clan. Together we can do it! 🙂

    P.S: What games do you guys play often right now

    • I really like what you have planned here Nyove. It’s pretty much EXACTLY what we need around here for bringing BOA back up on its feet. However, Im not much of a hands on recruitment kind of guy, but I can help organize the site to make it more appealing. After all, I did have a hand in creating and managing it at a time when BOA was prosperous.

  2. I was just looking at the past few posts and look how many members there are commenting and posting in the clan. 🙂 I am so jealous I am so late so farewell.


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