10 comments on “My Return/ Regarding HR’s

  1. The New HR was just formed a few days ago. Also the xat chat isn’t used anymore cause personally it was declared too easy to get into and access by unwanted visitors.

    If you plan to make a new HR and Members List do not edit the current list and ask daemon to give you editor for it but make a second member list. I will recruit a few people today from both pb2 and coc.

    • I believe you have everything wrong here, my friend. The fact that you declared that the xat chat not to be used anymore was a poor decision to make. We must use that chat because without it, there wouldn’t be much activity around here, or atleast use it until we are able to find a more compatible one that fits our needs.

      You have also re-recruited 2 HR’s, me and Daemon. However, that is not enough for this clan, considering how many of our leaders are inactive. We need to be able to discuss this issue with the rest of the active HR’s for it to actually have some meaning and purpose.

  2. Well BOA has been a bit less active then when I first joined. Although BOA Might be a bit less active then when I first joined its still not a husk of what it used to be. Well, maybe a bit.

  3. Lol i was going to make a proposal about this and doing something about the clan but yea lol. I don’t know when I can be active…

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