7 comments on “New war?

  1. BOA like most clans ignore Blackbird and mmc. Not to mention his clan has 3 members lost every clan war and isn’t respected. Finally BOA doesn’t even war since last year but from the looks of it he will just be that guy who will look for attention from clans knowing he isnt feared,respected or liked by anyone. Hopefully in time he learns this and grows up.

    • Also if his clan has died 4 times and been renamed 3 times according to his ex clan mates,GSA and other clans he already failed as a clan leader but we wish him good luck on finding any friends or peace with finding the truth of what I stated.

    • What pisses me off about Blackbird would of gotten a lot of respect if he stopped warring clans so damn much and being a loud mouth stupidity

      • It annoys me more that this guy thinks that cause he beat 1 clan repeatedly is considered 11 wins when in reality he beat 1 clan that even dropped a war with GSA cause Delta force fears big clans. I’m pretty sure they never beat itami considering it am shit itself down with Cyclix according to damocles.

  2. ~LOL tell that hoe to come down to apex chat after winter break.

    Me and kaos guna open another can of whoop-ass on his clan.

    Considering MMC lost to us twice, lost to me and aerox once, and lost to me in both 2v1 and 3v1, and im not even that great.

    And I would tell him myself but I ain’t desperate enough to find him and I promised myself never to look at his site again in fear of my IQ lowering LOL~

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