20 comments on “Tournament Info + Our 1st Presidential Election

  1. Sign me up too! 😀

    Comment a 2-4 sentence speech on what you want (what?) or plan to do (what?) and 2 valid points on why you should be the president of BOA. (I will provide Peace for the society! 🙂 And I will also bring smiles xD!)

  2. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

    I dont remember us having an active Government, so how does Pres fit into that?

  3. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

    I have the idea that it isnt smart to make a sign up for a tournament and pres election in the same post, just a thought though

  4. My name is Kelvinarg8, and I would love to sign up for the presidential election.
    There are many reasons why I want to be the president of BOA, like I really see this clan sophisticated and advanced but I think I can make this clan better and the members more trained and skilled.Thank you for giving an opportunity for joining the election and Good Luck to all the other electives.

  5. Hello. I’m the Novian_King. And I am running for president. I should be your BOA president, because I’m a leader. I listen, I do and I complete. I solve all Big problems, and I can make this clan the biggest one yet. There will be many new divisions so that others can play. WE WILL BE THE BROTHERHOOD

  6. I plan to restore [BOA] through effective and efficient recruitment of profession soldiers validated as trustworthy, respectful and skillful. I should be the President of [BOA] as I will provide effective communication between members and potential recruits. [BOA] will be reborn into its former glory it was shown to possess in the past. We shall be considered as a just, peaceful and professional clan in the future, making a name for ourselves that prospers in the Darkness to serve the Light which is dim in these times of terror.

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