64 comments on “My Cutscene

  1. Name: MrMcShroom
    Has extreme intelligence when pissed off, but lacks it at any other time.
    Fighting skills: Can shoot guns, gets the shit beaten out of him in fist fights.
    Freelancer (No alliance, works for own benefit)
    Crazy coincidences keep him alive in many situations,
    Poor aim with guns, but knows how to shoot them
    Computer wiz

  2. Name: Dariy
    Fight: Good at longer range. Not so good at close range unless being stealthy. .-.
    Mentality: Can be wise sometimes, keeps calm in the worst situations too and tries to think logically. Prefers the “mental fights” over the “physical fights” , but if theres no other choice… Rather chooses the path that has already walked and worked instead of the new one that is unknown. Peace over war.
    Alliance: Lonely wolf.
    Can I have a little bit of mind reading ability? :3

  3. Name: Smail – Codename: Iso
    Fight: Middle-ranged fighter with her Dual Handguns, close combat fighter with a Tactical Knife.
    Mentality: The one that acts before thinking, she usually charges into the battles and cheerfully take her enemies down. She is always cheerful and rarely loses her temper.
    Alliance: GSA
    Ability: Enhanced speed making her move 3x times the speed of a normal human being.

  4. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

    Name: Sav
    Fighting: Excellent Sniper
    Alliance: GSA
    (more will be added)

  5. Name: Ajbenius
    Fighting skills/style: Does mad shooting sprees mainly with shotgun and assault rifle, but can use other weapons as well.
    Mentality: Don’t mess with me, because it’s my right to mess with you.
    Works for GSA
    Fiercely loyal

  6. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

    Name: Sarge
    Attitude: Nice but Sarcastic, loves to make bad puns
    Wish: That people relearn what honor and valor is
    Apperance: Brown hair with red streaks, peircing green eyes, pale and tall
    Alliance: Solo, gun for hire
    Combat: Prefers shotguns and a Battleaxe for melee

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  8. ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

    Reblogged this on SLA.

  9. Name: BananaReaper
    Attitude: One of little words, but of many actions.
    Wish: To bring honor to GSA
    Appearance: Tall, red-hair-blue-eyed, the left eye is replaced by a cosmetic pseudo-eye for scouting capabilities without a scope.
    Alliance: Works for a noble family (a metaphor) of high-tech rangers who excel in mid-long range fire-fights, along with mediocre melee capabilities.
    Combat: Prefers a DMR and 3-round-burst SMG as a sidearm, both silenced. both use ballistic rounds that act as miniature missiles; these missiles are shot from the gun, pierce and hook into the enemy’s inside, and ignites/explodes.

    • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

      Btw the leaders of a clan get a “legacy name” BOA as example: He was known as Deception, for his enemies saw him as the devil, and for Lucifer was the deciever, besides him stood his knight of hell an angel corrupted into the first demon thus he was known as Daemon, and behind them road the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyps(the 4 dir). In his white and pale was Death, for he was absolute. Besides him in red was War, the embodyment of rage and missguidance. Besides him in black was Famine, hungy to devouer his enemies. And as last in green there was Pestilence for he brought decay upon his enemies. Something like that, if you have an idea for gsa and who in gsa tell me :3

      • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

        I like that :D, have anything for other gsa leaders?

  10. Name: Hurricane
    Fight: Awesome Sword Fighter, Skilled Grenadier, Incredibly Fast, Surprisingly good long range shooter
    Mentality: Rowdy, Insane, has Multi-Personality disorder Switches from calm and cool to insane and rowdy often.
    Clan: AEM: Arctic Elite Militant’s : MMC and FA merged.
    Ability: Bloody Nova: A blur, like a literal hurricane, all you see is multiple explosions, blood and swords and then…. you die.

    • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

      No abilities…

    • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

      Yh this is an too op character, will downscale

    • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

      And only 1 clan so pick

      • If you are blackbird u shouldn’t even be able to comment on the site but since I’m not cf until another 8 months and just give advice good luck my friends and brothers. My ability is clearly omnipotent and have omnipresent along with omniscience then my attitude Is looking down on the weak but is 1 of the 4 guardian of the universe to watch over and keep it balanced.

      • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

        Im gona go ahead and spoil a part of the epiloge, you die :3, and make a sheet.

      • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

        A good story needs deaths, BOA will also fall btw :3 now make a sheet and dont be a moron like bored pro thinking this will be a comic book with magic and “gunblades” they dont fking work…

      • Bored pro and all your sheets suck but I’ll make another hoe :3 BOA won’t fall hue you are a leader of BOA and if the GSA leaders never think or even assume they will die so shouldn’t you.

      • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

        Its a story things happen

      • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

        Get on the chat, so i wont give spoilers by the comment section

      • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

        Still not there boy xD

  11. Name: The Novian Knighy
    Weapon: Anything that includes a sword or sniper
    Ability: World’s greatest detective, trained fighter
    clan: Novon
    Mentality: Unknown
    History: Unknown
    Mission: UKNOWN

  12. Name:BoreD Pro
    Combat:Good with all weapons mainly swords and pistol.
    Mentality: Trained Assassin but has compassion for a selected group of people.
    Clan: BOA
    Ability: High Endurance

  13. Name: Army Ranger
    Weapon:assault rifles, pistols and swords used stealthily.
    Ability: very stealthy with an exceptional healing factor.
    Clan:Delta Force: part of the time the rest of the time being a mercenary, sometimes creates special operations teams for different clans.
    Mentality: quite, precise, and violent when in a fight.

    • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

      And i can make it be that :p

  14. Name: Titan
    Combat: Snipers, Swords, Rockets
    Character: Comes back from the dead in the middle of the story and destroys the enemy.
    Special Ability: Breathing Underwater

    • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:

      Why do ppl make such bullshit up, no resurrection and no breathing under water

  15. Name: Nyove
    Fight: Support
    Mentality: Does not like killing. More of a social character than a military character. Sighs every kill…
    Alliance: Everyone is my friend! No matter whats happens at the end! 🙂
    Quotes: Peace! 🙂
    Nyove speaks the most out of all your team mates.

  16. Name: Iksta101 ( Iksta)
    Fight: explosive professional and wields a set of french rapiers, 2 pistols for emergency.
    mentality: Loves explosives, born with a love for fighting for what i love and want.
    Clan: BOA
    ability (if i am allowed one): an ability to slow down time 😀

  17. Name : IXnipeZ
    skills: never misses in long range , have a mystic scythe of light that he uses in close range
    appearance: black hair,red eyes,kind of tough looking body
    Mentally: can play min dgames to get what he wants
    Alliance: EKA,SLA

  18. Name: AirRaid
    Equipment: Long range sniper rifle (which has a removable silencer) and a SMG for standard combat. Also has his own jet. And some proximity mines with him. Also really intelligent person.
    Skills: Really,REALLY great using the sniper rifle,barely misses. Also pretty average at combat with SMG’s and Assault rifles. Pretty great at being stealthy.
    Downfalls: Really bad at close quarters combat (basically melee fights) and bad at driving cars/motorcycles/tanks/etc. THOUGH he is awesome at flying aircraft. And he sometimes doesn’t follow orders closely enough.
    Mentality: A guy who takes it seriously,but with humor,like:
    X: We are trapped in here!
    AirRaid: Oh thanks,like i didn’t know that Captain Obvious!
    Also,if he has an option not to kill a person,he will take it.
    Abilities: Hand-mounted grappling hook,which can be used to get from place to place.
    Alliance and Motivation: Kind of a mercenary – he will join any clan which he trusts in and wants to help out,but at the same time – his help needs to be requested. Unlike a mercenary though,he doesn’t want money – what he does want though,is to make sure these clans never try to kill him and to get the latest and rarest equipment.

    • Oh and appearance:
      At all times he is covered in armor: his face is also masked at all times. His armor looks like the Noir Limes one in Plazma Burst 2.
      Also,if this isn’t too overpowered,then he has also an ability to call in his jet by autopilot at any time.

      • And i forgot one additional detail,because…reasons! He never swears. If he does swear,then only uses the word “Damn”.

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