15 comments on “To Daemon

  1. however its not the first time he joined and it says ON THE LEGACIES PAGE that any of them may rejoin after they have been gone a year with the tag of Legend and rank EQUAL to the CCF.

    • You both have strong points but i will point out the null and void ones.
      1. Chosen is a legend so he does deserve at least general.
      2. Well, tbh the CCF=legends thing was never updated while we used to update the page we never took out that part we were suppose to so it is 3 years old null and void. If anything i advise you both to push chosen for Admiral or Or Government Mentor.

      • i want chosen as an HR where he deserved to be. he did more for BOA back then then Bored has done for us now, as he kept both the chat and site active as well as his other duties, and he could always keep a cool head in face of trouble. he was one of the few that earned even my highest regards and i want him in a rank that he can be useful. i dont like the judgement that he is recieving from Pro as he never knew him.

      • Eh…thats a stretch. Bored Kept the clan alive almost solo fair to say. Chosen did just come back so a few months of catching up and him earning a high rank wont hurt anyone brother. If you and bored can agree yall can just make him admiral and let the months past until he gets advisor and so on. It is the only fair and predictable way ^.^

    • Not really needed lol. BOA is a clan of earning ranks not coming back a few years later expecting one for an old fallen legend especially since chosen agrees you are pushing it too far. Let him work his way up and let him catch up. U do not want to be seen as an unfair advisor letting him skip ranks or giving BOA an bad image right? So take my advise hoe!

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