17 comments on “Remembering 9/11

  1. *Americans
    Good thought. It always warms my heart to see the 72 hour bombing run in which the USA dropped more bombs than had ever been dropped in the past, all wars combined, in just three days.

      • you generalize all the japanese. same way hitler generalized all the jews, and America often generalizes all muslims. im specifically talking about Fuedal Japan and modern day Anime/Manga. i respect the Samurai and Ninja and that history. but just because some people did some evil shit doesnt mean they all did. and Jack, do you know why America took the hill on Iwo Jima?

  2. I don’t generalize anyone, really. anyone who wants to point out massacres that happened, and use them against a nation, likely has massacres of their own nation equal or worse. For America, I point out the trail of tears. I am American, and I will always support America, but every country has some terrible massacre they had at some point. And Japan today is only as advanced as it is because America allowed it to be, in all honesty.

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