9 comments on “Inactivity + Regarding the Clan

  1. 1 of the main reasons why i did not want to leave was for the fact you choose to let this strong clan be inactive and go down this path. I am curious of why you cannot handle it when i did and if you are the BOA leader and want a break just let me make a decision for you “Regarding The Clan” since you simply do not care for it anymore.

    • I never said I didn’t care, I just said I was tired of this bull. Also, nothing in my posts says I can’t handle it so :P. In all honesty, I did not let this happen. I take a break for a few days, then I come back to power struggles. Plus last time I checked Nero leads this clan as well and when I was gone he was active so I don’t know why you’re blaming me for letting the clan go down this path when 2 people lead it, not one. And I’m not letting you come back until next year Ukv, so thanks :).

      • Mmk. And no, you didn’t. When you were saying about how BOA was going on this path, you used the pronoun YOU. If you were blaming us both, you would have said “you and Nero”. But no, you didn’t k :3

  2. *reads post* So BASICALLY.
    You think you can leave for 2 weeks, and expect everyone to resume whatever it was they were doing without anyone to lead them, or to make decisions.

    • Wasn’t even gone for 2 weeks. People should be able to take care of things themselves if their leader is busy. No one said they even had to make decisions in the first place. GG

      • Decisions have to be made when you have people fighting in the chat, decisions have to be made when scandals are uncovered, decisions have to be made when we have a leader we can'[t talk to. *wipes tears rolling down cheeks from laughter*

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