One comment on “Mckenzy

  1. Hey chewie 🙂

    1. How can I get on chat without access on PC your highness?

    2. My holiday is for 3 weeks, forgive me for not clarifying that. But that doesn’t mean I dont want to be here…

    3. Perhaps that’s how you like to enjoy your holiday and the others but my enjoyment of a holiday is different and not wasting my holiday time on the pc when I have like 10 months for that. but that doesnt mean I hate you guys 🙂 I like Being here but not when im on holiday.

    4. Same reason as 1. I dont have access on pc.

    p.s its cool, I love to hear your thoughts since its not against the law to keep quiet. However can you do it In a calmer and nicer way?

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