10 comments on “Leaving BOA.

  1. awh, sorry if I was being an ass but I needed ya to open your eyes to see that you weren’t really helping boa but now I am being rude again, well I am truly sorry but hey, have a great life and hopefully we can be friends but who knows ;),

    cya buddy

    • He was a loyal member and a good friend to BOA, Sparrow.
      The same with Premton. I hate it when a friend of mine leave.
      Maybe Chewie gets mad easily, but still, he was a very good friend to me. He was a funny guy. Sometimes, when the chat was silent or everyone was bored and had nothing better to do, Chewie sometimes came to the chat and made everyone laugh with his funny stuff, that he always did.
      Idk how many people will leave because of this crap.
      It’s your goddamn fault that he and Premton left. The day when i gave you Director, it was the worst mistake i ever fucking made in this clan. I shouldn’t haven’t give you nothing.
      There’s chaos and corruption in BOA because of you. Soon i’ll consider doing the same what he and Premt did, leaving BOA and go to another clan, because this clan isn’t the same without Urkillerv.
      I really miss the old times in BOA, when nothing was happening. There’s always someone who join, gets HR and screws up the clan.
      Correct me if i’m fucking wrong.
      And if i have bad grammar it’s because i’m from another fucking country.


      • Then I may of seen this from the wrong ane, Well nero was right, I will be hated for the decisions I have made but they were for the best. But if they were truely loyal then they would of not left over a demotion that now daemon has undo. Also how in any way am I corrupted? I did all this for the best of this clan. Don’t take my word? kden I dont expect you to believe me but as I said before, I did it for the best but daemon gave their ranks back. well goodluck for them!

        Also I had a high rank back in old boa ever since I won the first president election, so I didn’t really join and fuck up the HR. I could of been in the HR long ago but took an army rank

      • BOA isn’t a PB2 Clan at least not our main colony anymore. My brother everyone states me leaving allowed HR’S today to make the clan better through unfair demotion and promotions. My advice is that Daemon is aware of premton barely doing anything for the clan so he should make him advance, chewie knows better to get angry so easily so i recommend advisor or commander and finally u and sparrow switch roles for two weeks to see how it goes. Just my advice lol.

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