12 comments on “Chewie’s Chance

  1. Question: How Come I Was Never Accepted Into BOA? I Applied For Membership… And BOA Is Allies With My Clan, WCP… So Yeah…
    ~Lt. Gen. {WCP}CF Blackbird

    • 2 Reasons, not sure which. 1:Somebody who was not authorized to ally you did, and didn’t tell anybody, or 2: it’s because you are at war with Cyclix, one of our allies.
      Also, only Daemon and our retired CF have Admin on the site and only they can see the applications.

  2. about cyclix…. were not at war.. .we do have tensions with each other dont get me wrong.. but we are not officially at war

      • ѰϛטƿξгϾѻѻƪξӁ ɬђξ λггѻϑҩиɬ ҩϗԃ Ʀξƪξиɬƪξςς¸ Ғỉгςɬ ѻғ ɧỉς ϗҩϻξѰ on said:


      • Ah I dont do shit eh? I created the Promotion system WHICH NOBODY USES IT, gave suggestions which pages needs updating, making sure people do their jobs. But now I see your true form. Just a whining kid, crying about being demoted and me not doing shit. And this is your last warning for not respecting another clan member. In addition, How can you be given a 2nd chance if you are acting like an immature brat to your own clan mate. Clearly shows why you don’t deserve the rank and the 2nd chance.

        Have a nice day.

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