11 comments on “Premton’s Complaint

  1. 1. I am a bit inactive due to being on Holiday.
    2. I didn’t say you were inactive, I have given plenty of reasons why you were demoted, if you can please re-read my post.

    3. You don’t have site powers? hmm maybe ask an admin? Im sure it isn’t that hard right? I asked for editorship and was given.

    So I have given you my points for your complaint.

  2. Oh, bringing me into this shit I see. OK, I feel ya Prem, I feel ya. I choose to be inactive :L, you guys are stressful most of the time so sometimes I just take a break for a bit.

  3. First of all, im not going to waste my holiday to be on fucking xat. Second for your information, I am active on chat when I am not on holiday lolol. Also doing shit on the chat isnt really hard. A fucking recruit can watch the fucking chat all day soo gg.

    • Brah Im Really Tired Of All Your Bullshit. So A Holiday Lasts 1 Fucking Week? What The Fuck Brah? Nigga Last Time You Were On The Fucking Chat Was 1 WEEK AGO U DUMB PIECE OF SHIT.

      • Unlike you, I like to take a break from the internet so I go on holiday for 3 weeks. Im going back to England tomorrow so I will be active again. LoL relax man.

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