10 comments on “HRT

  1. love the idea but 1 problem, what if one of the HR(s) put their friend(s) on the HRT division? you know where I am going right? So to solve that maybe have a vote to put someone in that division? like we can’t have like 10+

  2. I agree with Urk .someone can just read this and make themself’s leader’s and go against BOA with power

  3. I like the idea Risika. Oh btw, nice signature. Anyways but similar to what urk said but slightly different: Dont give them the position straight but train and prepare a few people to take the spaces of people who are high ranked and leave therefore they will know wut to do and how to do it. Also I agree with kenzy. Dont let any1 join do a vote to see if people want that person to go through the training.

  4. I do not plan on making this something that can be abused or making people leaders just more of a 3 man training program. I want to find people who are considerable for HR ranks, and choose 3 current HR’s who will take that person one at a time, and train them on how to act in comments, posts, and on chat, how to manage the chat, site, etc. and the third HR will be in whatever game the trainee is in and will make sure they have the skills necessary to play, so that they may be looked up to on the battlefield. after this training regime, which instantly ends if 2 of the HRs fail the person, the person is voted on by all the HR’s with a minimum of 8 in support for them to be successful. each Trainer will only end their stage of training when THEY see fit, and trainers will be chosen by me, so that i may randomize it in a way that you wont be with a friend who will pass you anyway or an enemy who will fail you on purpose.

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