8 comments on “I heard about retirements

  1. Thank you for the magnificent speech, Phantomstealth. I am glad that you are still with us.

      • Dude I was making a new neater version e.o, I was planning to keep the governmetn member list and the regular member list seperate from each other so it’d be easier to find for people. I hope you didn’t remove my other Member List lol, I was just creating a newer and neater version of the old one.

      • Gawd now I need to fix it lol it’s fine. Now I know what you have to put up with o.e

      • Btw I updated like a bunch of pages. I updated the Diplomacy page, um, I updated the member list (coff coff),and organized the site too. I’m also working on the government since it’s been inactive as shit lately ._., so yeah. Lot of stuff I’m doing.

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