53 comments on “Retirement

  1. Im going to miss you urk. I will always look up to you and consider u a brother. thanks for being a great leader. and for giving me the option of joining boa back when we use to be in da ekat chat.

  2. Urk… You know how much I hate getting promoted but alright. For you since your my bro. You better keep playing H4 with me and the others otherwise ima find u on there… u know… I wish you the absolute best of luck.

    I know I speak for the HRs and all of BOA by now saying the HRs, Government, and Army shall come up with what to say for your position in the Fallen Legacies. Thought I already know that no words can describe what you’ve done but we will try our best.

    To all members and friends, Urk does not want us to be sad of his retirement, I know it’s hard, but he wants us to be strong and prosper.

    To any people who think of celebrating Urk’s retirement, imagine you leaving and people celebrating, not fun? Didn’t think so. I already saw several clans rejoicing and they who I’m referring to.

    Eno said this but for those who did not see. “Nearly All Men Can Stand Adversity, But If You Want To Test A Man’s Character, Give Him Power” – Abraham Lincoln. I believe Urk did his best, we are human and we make mistakes and some of us have different tendencies, 99% of people like power, no matter if they say they don’t, they says they want power. Those who don’t are put into a position of power (does not include me, yes I do like power but I do not believe in abusing.)

    Remember the posts where it said new Recruits? I still remember you, Urk, telling me “Hey, you! Want to join BOA?” This was when Axel just left and Buzz nuked BOA’s site. I said “Sure, what can I do?” He replied, “You good in government.” I had just finished taking a Government class and sure. “Yeah.” He said, “Good, you’re my new Council Leader.” Instantly, I didn’t want it (sorry for all you people who worked their way up, we has just got declared Dead.) This is the post where I joined…

    Enough of me, Urk, I wish you the best of Luck!

  3. Urk, you’ll always be my brother, and I will always respect you. You led a great clan through ups and downs, and this is clearly one of the downs, since our original leader has left. But you have left me a few questions. 1: Who will be the new president, if not Nero? Will we have an election, and be fair? 2: I know you warned us, but did you really have to leave so abruptly? Like announce a few days before, so we can accustom the member’s list and update all of the pages? 3: Will you visit chat at least once a week? I’ll miss my big bro :c Anyways, Even I have to move on to different things. I have school in a week. This is supposed to be a very hard year for me. I have Band, we are going to State for Marching band, and we practice so hard to get there. I have offseason swimming, which takes two hours. I have very hard classes this year, too. I have to maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA in my classes for a scholarship, which is going to be really hard, since I have no regular classes. I will be staying up till around 11 pm doing homework, and then getting up at 5 in the morning to go to swimming. Plus I still have 2 instruments to play, and a rap career. So, I will also retire. I will make the Directors go down to only five people. Daemon or Nero could choose a deserving person to take my place, if they wish. I’ll still be on chat, cause I have some friends here that I would like to talk to, for example, Prime, Avarice, Banana, and Ghostehz are just a few of them. I will put this part of my comment into my resignation speech.

  4. This was kinda unexpected, I’m wondering if you’re going to stick around in other games like LoL or not.

  5. Damn dude, its been amazing working with you when i was in boa, we had good times together.
    Take care
    smexi 5evr c:

  6. Awwh, alright, it pains me to see you go even after all that has happened.

    I’m not really sure what we were – I guess we were sort of frenemies? What can I say, we’re both egotistical hotheads, and I always enjoyed having either our pompous asshole talks or our down-to-earth real talks.

    Whatever anyone tells you, you did a good job as leader here. You brought a clan to the very highest echelons of power, and you should feel proud for what you did.

    People often refer to you as one of the most hated persons in the PB2 universe, but you know what I think? Fuck yeah you were. If you haven’t made enemies, you haven’t been badass enough, and you had plenty of that.

    Smooth sailing and for the last (for now I guess idrk tbh) time,

    Stay shiny!
    ~Tethys c:

  7. What the fuck is this? your leaving e.e? FFS dooood why you do this to me…dayyunmm man I didn’t really thought you would leave this sudden ▶.▶ Sooo fucked up about how you retired….usually I don’t do this “aww bye :,(” shit but you’re like my Internet friend jk brother and I always looked upto you…..well goodluck with your life and if you don’t at least take 10mins of your life visiting us I wIll find you, burn down your internet router, steal all your waffles and shove a stick up your pets arse……..Jk xD well cya and have a great life!!!!!

  8. Hm.. Sorry that I couldn’t reply any sooner, I’ve had some problems so I couldn’t make any contact with anyone in BOA or the internet. You could say I lost internet for a while. I am surprised and confused, It’s been a while since I’ve came here so I don’t really know what happened.

    But.. Urkillerv, it’s sad seeing you retiring, I hope you could still visit BOA and see on how it’s doing, it’s really sad you’re leaving, I didn’t expect that, I thought you would be in it till’ your final heartbeat.

    Urkillerv, First Lord of Deception, My greatest mentor, and one of my best of friends. I know that you leaving this clan was hard, I hope you could see your sacrifices and faith in this clan bloom. This maybe the last time we could talk to each other, hopefully not. I believe BOA is sorry for it’s misbehavior and disrespect sometimes, like me. But by any chance that you could visit this fellow clan once more, be sure to give us the best of memories like you did in the past.

    My words of farewell.

    – Death Troop3r

    P.S. This would’ve made a great post huh? I’m guessing you’re thinking that right now. 😀

  9. well even with the disagreements between us in the past (lets not mention em) i always respected u as in one time u were my teacher and always a brother , and i will always miss u because i know BOA is never gonna have a leader like u SO BE BACK FANCY ASS AND TAKE THIS HUG (hug)

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