58 comments on “New Rank Structure (Possibly)

  1. Good, but a link between Government and Military through a person would be great. A rep. from Military in Council maybe? All is good after that.

  2. I agree, but there should be a limit to Directors and Advisors. Like Directors will be 3 people and Advisors will be 5. The rest that are left out are put in the high ranking government.

      • Me as El Presidente? I’d like an election, I don’t like people giving me ranks where others could get it… pls.

  3. Bae, I Am Able To Be Army Leader… I Will Be Playing Pb2 More Than Usual. (The People Who Know Me Best Know I Have A Thing For Demolishing Nubs) Give Me A Chance And I Will Give You My Best. BTDubs For Those Who Don’t Know Me And Urk Call Eachother “Bar” Due To The Fact We’ve Known Eachother For A Long Period Of Time… 😉

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