13 comments on “Possible New Main Game?

  1. PS2 is a heavy game for most ppl, you need quite a pc to be able to play it, and i dont know if most have that an expensive pc

    • I was looking at there website, and it’s going to PS4, but the price on the PS4 is to high, no one is poor, its just a too high price for the new-gen

      • Yeah, but its free on steam, and ps4 and pc wont share servers

      • I don’t do computer download games that much, because they run slow on me. And then i have to wait all this time just to exit out of it so it could stop running slow.

      • Indeed, most games are heavy for pc’s like PS2, but not alot of ppl have a good pc for that game or a ps4, i for one dont care for ps4 cuz i have a beast of a pc, see my point. ppl dont have or a good pc or a ps4

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