14 comments on “Hmm…

  1. I dont want you to leave, but you did abuse on Apollo… but because some one said to you to stop that, dont leave for that reason

  2. There is always a new law or rule to prevent stuff like this yet no one follows those rules. Its all meaningless unless the people you have around are friends. Not just friends of you urk but friends of each other. You go to strict and people start hating you for it. You go to nice and people start trying to abuse the system. I know this happens but it happens way to often specially at Boa. Everyone here at boa needs to work harder to stop these stunts from happening.

  3. You cannot speak for BOA! We had this talk! Stay away from BOA me and my family clan damn! How hard is it to do that. This time i am permanently banning you from the site with both Ip’s.

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