50 comments on “GSO wiped out[Vote Canceled]

      • The GSA site is for the people of GSA. Unlike you and your dictator self. And don’t be a hypocrite.

      • Yes, I am totally the dictator cause that is how the clans see BOA as not GSA. (Sarcastically) Whether you like it or not, GSA is the true dictators but without the dictating. Your clan just strives on the little pride it has left and isolates so many clans to avoid defeat. You said we are crossing the line? Newsflash, NO CLAN IN PB2 FEARS GSA! You guys are not a force to be recokoned with or respected. Only people who respect you guys is GSA alone.

      • You do reliaze that BOA is literally nothing. I mean, you think your great and the “god clan” but its all just in your mind. And don’t worry about how we conduct our diplomacy. It is of no concern to you.

      • >? Who said i was worried lol? it is as clear as day no one cares for GSA. And ok let us go with the BOA is nothing yet every clan allies us,gives us respect and another fun fact is we are good sports if we lose or win a war. Your clan strives then goes with stupid ass threats of wanting to war then isolates when losing. Btw, literally without Banana or Jeep GSA would have been crumbled. Without Nickman your ass wouldnt even be here so do not act as if you really can put up a fight vs 2 other clans where you lost so badly to Cyclix (who made you guys their chew toys).

      • Cyclix? Oh you mean one of the many puppet clans that BOA operates. Cyclix is as irrelevant as BOA is. And your exactly like Miranda. You think having a million clans ally you makes you stronger or better. When in reality it means zilch. Tread lightly my friend. You are in very dangerous waters.

      • Shush boi. Miranda nukes sites,chats and goes to the depths of the earth to rid of her enemies. Alsoi operate no clan except BOA with the other leaders. Do not make such accusations bae :3 Also, are you stupid? Having more allies and having strong members in your clan does make your clan stronger. How would you know that though, you guys have literally no one who is a big name in PB2 who can really take on anyone. But i will float with my family clans towards victory ^.^

      • Don’t you dare forget your past. You have nuked a lot of sites in your history. And if you deny it and try to act like the white knight then you are proving what everyone already thinks of you. And you fail to see that unlike BOA, GSA does not crave fame. We are here to try and have fun. The keyword being ‘try’, which is especially hard when people like you keep trampling over PB2 with your so called wars.

      • PB2 is a war game so why avoid it? Anyways your logic makes no sense. If you want no wars then stay out of PB2 and head to MC and make your block houses. Shockywolf asked me to end this argument so i will. Strive with your no war ideals. I am a man of peace but if you attack my allies we all gunning for you. Peace!

      • Keep in mind that most of those clans are irrelevant. Goodnight. (For like the fourth time now xD)

    • Why is this failure allowed to comment in this site, his little simpleton of a clan called GSA, has ultimately failed to entertain me.

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