12 comments on “Justice! [Closed]

  1. He broke 2 minor laws…. action speaks louder than words..so talking to him is good but at the end of the day chewie dont get punished and thats not right to let him off so easily. We must show discipline urk…

    • So Then You Want Me To Get Disciplined Just Because I Kicked??? LOOOOOOOOOOL

      Guys Come On Now, You ALL Know How I Act And This Is Not Some Serious Shit. Most Of You Hate Me Already Because I Do Shit Like That But U Still Know I didn’t Come Back To Already Get Demotted In 2 Weeks Of Coming Back. Like What The Fuck I Could Eather Leave This Clan And join Another Or Just Take This Stupid Shit Down. You Have 24 Hours To Respond.

      • And Also, This Is The First Time Iv ever Heard Of Apollo And Why The Fuck Does He Have A Name As Cat??? This Is some Really Stupid Shit Now. Lets Make It 12 Hours Now. (chew)

      • what? so someone said anime is “gay” because that’s his opinion and never directly meant it to chewie, then kicking that guy is right? lolol

  2. Well its your choice chewie cus I aint having some drama starting of this also if you take it then cool but if you leave then you just pulled a fost move.

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