15 comments on “Arguments

  1. Killer calm down we can sort this out calmly and I knew ukv would become strict one day lolol

  2. So i am made author because i want to change the disorder in the laws?… thats just weird…
    If 1 major law is above another major law, then there should be made another section that is above major laws, since all minor laws should be equal and all major laws should be equal, so why not create superior laws, why dont you understand the fact that if 1 major law is above another that is isnt equal, so needs to be put in a higher section.. But no punish me for thinking about this…

    • Coolex just stay out of this alright. You can’t argue with Urk on this dude. You can’t tell him what he can and can’t do with his own clan. After all he IS the LEADER of BOA.

      • I didnt say he cant do this, i am saying it is bullshit for punishing me for trying to improve the law system…, as you can read up the other comment, major laws should all be equal to each other so should minor laws, so if a law is above other laws in its section then you need a new section.

      • I wasnt talking about the argument, you ordered me to stop arguing, which i did, but if you just read what i explained in the comments i made, im sure you would see the logic in creating the superior law section

      • Strange how we don’t keep it in the chat instead of keep going ‘-‘

  3. These changes in your ‘online’ lifestyle are good to make. Not that there should be a lot of really strict people online, but, it’s good to not be too nice or too strict with people in general.

    – Satomi

  4. hold on urk,

    “Fourth Right: The right to not be put on trial twice for the same thing unless new evidence is found.”

    Shouldn’t this take place considering you were the one that created the bill of rights .-.

    i aint hating btw, just asking if this would take place.

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