7 comments on “Diss Track on Sam: In response to Champion

  1. This is actually nice, I applaud you for this. Your flow is great, your rhymes are on point. But you do realize, if you’re dissing me, you’re dissing Prime, right? xD You’re in for a treat.

  2. L0L, nigga you don’t know shit when it comes to rapping. I see no metaphors or similes. I see no exact rhymes, all I see is different syllable rhymes and a few slant ryhmes. I see no signs of personification, inversion, etc. his flow isn’t good. It doesn’t flow, too spaced out. You want to go, we’ll go.

    • I know about all of the flaws, but lets just say it wasn’t given much thought. And if you had read the top you would realize it was a joke, not to be taken either as a rap or an insult. One of the biggest flaws I recognize in it is the somewhat random length of each line and the lack of rhyme. As for metaphors, what about ‘like one of your so called sheep’? How about ‘Thought he brought heat/but now he’s got a fever’? ‘Another pig/Feeding from the same trough’? ‘Confidence is a stain they can’t wipe off’ is a reference to Lil’ Wayne’s Drop the World. And you’ve got to admit, I used a much wider vocabulary and touched on some key issues your song had(bragging about money/women, overuse of cursing,etc.). Also, you’ll notice in your track thingy you reused the word ‘again’ twice in a row, which cannot be counted as rhyme

      • You do not have to have a set line length but they should be closer in terms of length. Lol, I know you put metaphors and shit, I just wnated to see if you actualky knew. Oh, and I know, I didn’t try to rhyme eprfectly because Sam always pushes me to get into done so I just rushed through it. I was planning on seperating the again lines and puttinh rhymes inbetween for multi rhymes but I didn’t hav3 the time.

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