26 comments on “Open Court Trial 4: Sparrow Abuses Main Owner

  1. Very well, The court is here by opened, the prosecutor will state his accusations, following with any witnesses there might be, then the accused may have a counter word.

    (P.S. He posted as Apollo with this xat acc: http://prntscr.com/3wnnnv but changed the name to “Unknown”. In other words he had a secondary acc in BOA, i dont know if that affects anything, but it had to be noted)

  2. To Be Honest, I Have To Agree With The Prntscr Because We Always Need To Check The Security Once And while Because What If This Really Happened And There’s No Main Owners To Witness this? (Meaning An enemy Having Main And There’s No Other Main There To Reset Or Something)

  3. Hello,

    First off all, i am going to state what i have to tell ;

    3. Never act in a way that will give BOA a bad reputation. Caught doing so shall result in a punishment. This Law applies to ALL members.

    If you ask me, i believe that i haven’t given BOA a bad Reputation considering all the people on chat at the time BOA members themselves. Concluding i haven’t really broken that law.

    5. Abusing of your rights in the BOA Chat is strictly forbidden.This Law applies to Moderators, Owners and Main Owners.

    Again, this law doesn’t specify how abusive i was because 1st, i didn’t ban anyone at the time, 2nd i didn’t insult or disrespect anyone at the time however if it means don’t do something stupid like this then i may be wrong. Also the account i used was on private chat meaning it’s a new account and wouldn’t effect on anything.

    For my defence, i am sticking with it because my intentions were NOT to abuse or disrupt BOA chat but simply a test to see what would any of the main owners do? From my findings, coolex did do the right thing but back to the point, I believe that this was important for us because we should get more prepared for more situations like this.

    However, i do admit that i shouldn’t of done this without informing anyone (i.e Ukv) and it was kind of wrong but what has been done is done. Personally, for this i would take the 2nd punishment but that is up to coolex.

    On another note, Yes i did abuse her but i didn’t know if she was afk or not and the fact that she was a boa member because at the time she didn’t have tag. Also this happened 4 weeks ago, you could of at least made a trial back then but lets stick with this one and see how it goes.

    I won’t be coming onto chat because for me it’s shameful however i will still continue my work on site with the members page and updating the same.

    Have a good day,


  4. I didn’t want HoG because of this position but, it’s my job.(Nothing personal) The charges are: 3. Never act in a way that will give BOA a bad reputation. Caught doing so shall result in a punishment. This Law applies to ALL members 5. Abusing of your rights in the BOA Chat is strictly forbidden.This Law applies to Moderators, Owners and Main Owners.

    Several members have been guested and kicked as Night said above. We already do have a protocol for security for chat.https://boanewsite.wordpress.com/bd/protocol-51-and-cwsde-alert/ As well, Framing an Allied Leader is not tolerated, as said in law 3. It also disrupted MANY hours of either Owners or Mains staying on to make sure everybody got the correct Rank on chat, myself, Coolex, and a few others stayed on to make sure that happened, and it also caused an unnecessary chat reset when we have had so many recently…

    There are two paths that you can take Sparrow, just accept the charges and the trial is over and I’ll ask Urk to let you off easier since after all you are giving into the charges, or you can fight the charges and hope the outcome is in your favor. I shall call my witnesses after the accused makes a counter-statement. That is all.

  5. Hello,

    I am not here to start some drama and shit. So i admit i did break those laws but with good intention so i will take on the charges. But what Night said is true but that was BEFORE i got main owner and long time ago. Just saying.

    Trial over, im guilty or whatever you call it but dont forget, i did it for good reasons and not a power hungry, abusive bitch.


    • Thats her vote, i just explained it to her, it isnt done yet, for all we know you could end up demoted, its really 50/50 and a bit of me

      • even if he is demoted it would be 3 weeks still main but i choose option 3 with the bonus that Sparrow may pick 1 director to not take orders from if he feels he will be abused.

  6. Well, The accused pleaded guilty, so i hereby ask all members of BOA (not the accused nor prosecutor) think this through, and aid me with choosing his punishment, however, you may state your mind and try to give reason why i should choose that punishment out of the 3, so give a clear explanation. I hereby open a vote for the punishment.

  7. Instead of removing his owner, because we all know resets are quite annoying.
    Why not have one of the Directors watch him? He would be under strict orders not to make anyone owner, and if he does he loses his main. Detention for 3 weeks.

  8. The Trial is hereby closed, The votes count 4 for the 3rd option, Ken is losing main for 3 weeks and gets the authoraty equal of HoG

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