8 comments on “Members Page Idea!

  1. What about instead of changing the whole members list, a new page with specialties? every member can try out for a spot in the class they are the best at (Sniper, rails, rocket and so on)

    • no, that would be like divisions. Just divide the whole member list up. I would help, but I still don’t have editor >.>

      • thats what i said but then again the members still would need to be ranked in order of their ranks, so im still thinking.

      • Why would you divide the whole members list, it would become way less viewable and un checkable, its is sorted in ranks, and if you change that into specialties it becomes chaotic, you can better make a new page for that, and it wouldnt be a division, just a classificasion

      • make sub-pages for the members list. Put the hr’s in the main page and all members in sub-pages

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