37 comments on “Dese Peeps

  1. hates me urk don’t you know they don’t hate me? Thats why i am with Titanz friends with boz friends with gsa i do have friends in cyclix i as well have friends still in boa the only 1 i truely hate is you. you never fight your own battles how long has it been since you truely warred a clan? Your weak very weak. You use cyclix as a tool.

    • First, I’m not Urk. I don’t do what you say I do, if you think Urk does that, then sure, sure. Second, you make absolutely no sense. Not that I expect a little shit like you to make sense. Third, you say “they” (whoever they are) doesn’t hate you? Well, I hate you.

    • Like savvy said if you think that carry on with your life thinking i used cyclix but the fact remains you and only you think that and i have only seeked friendship and alliance and i will not allow you to continue to attack me on my site so i have banned you. Also thank you Sav for confirming what this guy really thinks of moi so thanks bae :3

  2. i don’t neccessarly hate you urk but you’ve done so much that goes against what a clan leader should do. You lost my respect for a reason. I used to support you urk figure out why I stopped and you might get my support for you guys again. Oh and coolex hi i know we talked earlier but i still stand by my thoughts.

  3. wasn’t talking to you Sav. your not the leader of boa and i do like that you took pictures only wished you took all of what i said. People would see why i lost respect for urk

      • Lol you said you had some great connections with Cyclix, and you hate Urk and blah blah blah, I really couldnt give a shit. I just posted a screenshot for the lolz

  4. not great connections i’m banned in cyclix chat for going against them back when i hung around boa. anyway i’m done talking about urk have fun with this sincerly i do hope it works out for you. Have fun with relapse i guess.

  5. Why are you buying this? They are only trying to make us pissed off and dive at them. I mean come on, we’re better than that. Like I said, are we really trying to say that BOA members are just a bunch of thirsty killers, starting a war at every chance we can? I believe that we are better than that. Let’s not listen to their bullshit

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