15 comments on “Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

  1. Interesting and Sheep, this war has gone on for about one or two months with no side as the victor. Its about time you stop this foolishness and make peace already.

  2. Sheep and Sam , you two should clam up and let people do the right thing. Strat , thank you for this. Most of the members of BOA and GSA are idiotic war mongers , and its joyful to see some leaders in the two clans. Mind if I come along?

    • Well, either ask Urk or Nick, since you have a GSA Tag on and a BOA HR. It’s fine by me.

      • You stated for over a year something bad will happen nothing bad has happened or will happen and what pisses me off the most is that not only do i find your behavior lately suspicious but Plazma back then as well. @Plazma no you may not you arent a leader of any of these clans. @Sam im questioning if you should come simply cause you want whatever it takes to kiss GSA’s ass and work with them no offense towards you but this is your goal no matter what it takes. @Sheep i agree to this so in the summit GSA must admit the lost 1st then we will carry out the remaining Summit. @Daemon i didnt say you can come but you obviously have all the power to come since you run BOA as much as i do.

  3. EKAT isnt even created and a member will come? fking weird guys those Infinity’s

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