15 comments on “Update on PB2

  1. Interesting, they should really start updating and fixing the lag problem.

  2. Its like the top 100 list but it shows who got the most pp for that day.

    Example: Scorp got 500 pp and christapher got 200pp only for that day. Meaning scorp is first and christapher is 2nd. Then next day it resets.

  3. I do not consider scorpionkiller as a member at all. One, he doesn’t have a tag on. Two, we don’t need a person who’s like number 1 on the top challenger list for us to have a good reputation. I mean, we aren’t going to use skilled players as our way of advertising people to join our clan. And, who cares about that? It doesn’t matter who’s on the list or not. Can we be known by something other than being fierce killers?

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