7 comments on “Be on Alert

    • Ken that wasnt apollo and he never took down the chat he just gained main ownership until i secured the pass and chat. Satan has no actual power over xat nor does anyone except the xat staff. As for your suggestion Plazma i have put it into effect. Jack i thank you for your contribution to securing the Site’s records and the staff.

      • Alright bro, sorry, i can’t be too accurate >.> but anyway, Soo whats the plan? like what happened to those laws and shit about you got to have a xat id acc before entering boa? or something like that

      • It’s there. All you have to do for godsakes is ban someone once on chat for more than 2 hours and they virtually cannot see even guests on the chat or any communications unless they’re your xat friend. I also got everyone at the correct editor/ author position.

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