13 comments on “Fake personnel.

  1. Of course, when you’re the one being punished, the rules just so happen to be strict, but when you’re enforcing them… ohhhoo noo, the idiot on the recieving end deserves every bit. Am I right?

  2. So, the fact you mod ppl not afiliated with BOA and then get pissed at me for membering them is me having alot up my ass? Well okay, i make ppl follow the rules, because you make random ppl mod, Doing good there lass… -.-”

  3. You people are so deaf, you don’t look to see if it’s the real me! Jade I didn’t say he abused. That’s the fake one. Please read the post.

  4. Everyone, please just believe in Cynthia and Blackhawk, you guys must be really stupid you all know that you’re seeing a fake Cynthia in that pic, for fucking god’s sake.

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