6 comments on “Meeting

  1. Plazmas brother aka Plazma is just trying to get someone else as a CF dont let him fool you. Secondly i dont really see how BOA is dying but Phantom is obligated to his opinion. Finally the CCF will run things if im ever inactive but most of the time i am active. If plazma or his so called brother brings up my leadership in question again as usual i will have no choice but to demote him from 1 rank cause it seems he doesnt listen too much.

  2. awww. Who would vote against my dear little kera? Congrats, I’m glad that being leaders of a clan runs in the family. If only Tike and Aldew would follow in your footsteps, my daughter… >.>

  3. You guys better lisen Urk is our leader for good sake if it werent for him all of us wouldn’t be as powerful as we are in this clan remember when Urk took us in when Ekat destroyed most clans in PB2
    he gave us resources that no other clan could do this clan is the only thing we have left of our own think guys dont try and let in a new CF (d)

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