11 comments on “War/Insulted

      • Input comment: I will also get on the member’s list as soon as possible, since I will be back in recruiting. I think we should stay out of the war between Titanz and Assn$, since Assn$ is a big enough clan that I think that it can handle Titanz. You, Founder, are of course in it, because you’re in Assn$, but everyone who isn’t should be exempt from the war. And finally, I think nickman was just joking about how we are a dictatorship, cause of his lack of grammar. If he was serious, he would be using proper grammar, as he is the GSA leader.

  1. @GSA: Look hoes, you ain’t a perfect clan ^-^. A clan that is full of douches that think they’re better than everyone else and people whom like to talk trash about others ain’t something to be proud of. So stfu kthx ^-^

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