18 comments on “CEO Election

  1. Pb2 Name : Matt Horner

    What will you do if your CEO : I do will i am told to and meet up to everyone standard

    Why you want to be CEO : To make BOA have a better future by cooperating and helping them of course.

    Speech : Guys if you let me become the CEO , i will perform better than what i am expected to do and i will make BOA have a super duper great future ! I can make BOA unstoppable if you give me a chance : D

    – Matt Horner

    ~ Victory for BOA ! ~

  2. pb2 Name:iDemoniX

    What You Will Do If your CEO:I will Make BOA The best clan in pb2 ill be helping both clans Assassin$ And BOA.I will recruit active members when im free.

    Why you Want to Be CEO:I want to be CEO because BOA is a good clan so in a good clan i wish that i could get a high rank so i want to be CEO.

    Speech:As in the “What you will do if your CEO”I said ill make BOA the best clan in pb2.ill recruit when im free.If i get any news or some other stuff ill post that up.Im usually active so i can be online on chat.This is my Speech

  3. Name: Supercoolex

    What you will do if you’re CEO: I Want to aid BOA as its CEO, I will be here for help and I will be here for problems, I will perform my duties correct and the best ways posible.

    Why you want to be CEO: I want to help BOA, and I think I can help it positivley as CEO

    Speech: You do not certainly know who is good for this rank, but I think I can provide the materials you need to fill the rank. Take though in the next few words, We can take a guy who knows a couple of things and whishes to improve a thing here and there, but is it not better to take a guy who knows way more than a couple of things, and stands open for all improvment requested? That opportunity should be given, I think I can fill the requirements, spare me for saying so, But I am sure I can make a great deal of it. I provide progress, I am here to provide a good and clear Future for the rank CEO, and i wish to welcome those who want to aid me in that with open arms. I will be here to look after BOA as much as I can and to provide help and guidance for those who ask for it. This is what I present you, the choice is up to you, members of BOA.

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