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    • we got a lot of badasses in here, so ima be that stubborn prick who always talks shit to people, but feels like he and his friends the only ones allowed to talk shit. fighting style is melee, though he is a deadshot with a sniper when necessary. his multi-sword style and insane speed and balance tend to make his fights last one or 2 hits, as he tends to go for the criticals. he hates fights that last, unless it is an opponent he respects. if we are using names other than our own, call him Sitari.
      lets see, how the timeskip woulda changed him is that he would no longer allow himself to sit on sidelines and would often go to the point of ignoring orders so that he may get in on a fight. he longs to meet enemies that give him a challenge, and he has a knack for randomly showing up and single-strike-killing enemies, which is sometimes a nuisance to his commanders, especially those who want to capture not kill. he spends most of his time near UKV, as UKV seems to lead the front lines.

      Clan: Founding member of and Lone Hunter in BOA (doesn’t really command people thats why)

      Weapons: 10-sword sheath, full of course. 2 Wakizashi, kinda yin and yang (black blade with white handle wrap, and white blade with black handle wrap) which he carries. the ten extra swords (which are Ninjato) are unsheathed and swung/thrown using the dull edges of the wakizashi, though he may throw the wakizashi up in the air to use a ninjato for a single attack, then drop it and catch the wakizashi.

      I know i got a lot of detail but that makes reading all of it more interesting, and it more defines the purpose of my character for the storyline, in my eyes.

      Appearance: http://prntscr.com/3684r1

  1. Why not add a crazy paranoid version of me. (Changed me by putting .9 amps in my body, 1 amp kills you.)

  2. Preferred Name : Plazma.

    Full name : PlazmaPowerMan

    Title : Quantum Enforcer

    Effects of timeskip : Was in space war near Quantum Vortex and body was heavily exposed to Quatumation and can control strange powers yet to be discovered. Wears complete body suit known as Quantum NanoSuit (QNS).

    Weapons : Dual Fire Pistols (Called Villicus and Vivicus) with mini napalm grenade capsules on sides. Green energy blades (Called Ordinem and Tersus) in QNS Arms that ignite at will. Long range NanoCannon on right arm.

    QNS Features : Aegis Device attached to back that emits a Jamming ray or protective shield (Cannot use Energy Blades or helmet special features when Aegis is active). Helmet that sees Heat signatures and sound/light waves and can scan wounds and figure out how to best treat them. Helmet also disables all electronics that it is directed towards. Twin Quantum Ion jetpacks built into suit , can be converted into shoulder flame thrower.

    Plazmas features : Able to detect sound from miles away , great speaker and is able to persuade just about any one. Skilled in all martial arts and can use telekinesis (That means I can lift stuff and control it with my mind) Protects team mates and always tries to take some blame and lighten punishments. Leaps into way if team mate is going to get hurt.

    Sorry for being inactive , was travelling and could not get on.

    • Bad ass but still aint like moi.

      Name: Lord Distortion aka God of the 13 Realms

      World: Earth 23

      Clan: Founder of BOA

      Weapons: Mainly Martial arts and Street Fighting, Assassins level 10 Sword.God Staff and And Element Gun.

  3. Can i be in it? i want to be a serious dude :P, and i want to be a soldier experienced with Assault Rifles and Shotguns

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