13 comments on “Counter-espionage

      • Well i dont know if those recruits were spies but then thanks for the good luck , but i wont need it cause i can create a new account fast and easy whenever i like and can make it into a different country type either way

    • Hell you even gave us their profile links. I don’t know who trained you but you are a failure in the department known as spies.

      • Because they werent spies , but either way you want to kick them or invite them not my problem

        By the way i havent answered your question : How long would i last out there till the truth came out

        Answer : I thought i might lasted short , But in the end i lasted for 2 years , i was working for no one but myself , not UDF , GSA , BOA or LED . I was trying to get the detail of ALL of the big clans and was successed , and i got tired of waiting no more big clans showed up so eitherway making you guys know that i am spy myself isnt a big loss to me now cause i got ALL the big clan serect details.
        So telling you guys about it isnt a big deal though , but either way sooner or later i would tell Urkillerv + other big clans leader/CF about it . And if you talk about the UDF part ” Not all will be forced to join the war against BOA ” , everything on earth comes with a price……

        Either way if you got any further questions do ask me , if not i will reveal this to all the clans

  1. Sir, why are you surprised about my actions?
    Though I am not a Brother, The Brotherhood is something I feel strongly for.
    Though some members will eventually leave The Brotherhood, It itself must live on.

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