4 comments on “Repealing Curseing Law

  1. I think it’s because you need to suppress your cursing because it’s getting offensive to some people here.

    • Agreed and that law was repealed a long time ago but it was implanted that you should watch how much you curse. I ask next time appropriate grammar for posting ._.

  2. If you are a HR/SC. You should maintain a ‘professional’ demeanor, since you have apparently earned that rank. With that rank you also represent the clan as a whole. So even though the law was repealed. It would be smart to at least retain some sort of bearing. Make the Brotherhood look good.

    This is somewhat off topic, but also please treat ALL members of GSA with Respect. Though it may be hard and sound quite stupid. It shows who really is the better clan.

  3. None of you speak with good grammar, my dears. Chewie, I think it is obvious why there is a cursing law: to prevent a dingus like you from flaming everyone.

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