24 comments on “War with GSA

  1. “fake account” it’s not a fake account cuz I’m yowzablip, formerly a GSA Private. My chat was hacked and I’ve been framed for treason and espionage, and whoever did this is putting the blame on Gigs and BOA. We ‘re certainly not the same person, and we’re both innocent aaa far as I know, but GSA isn’t listening. They’re a stupid bunch of rabid warmongers, especially Gigoto.

  2. Just so you know all of the facts are there. If all but the last three digits of his IP are identical then it means that he is on the same network. You can lie to yourselves all you want.

    There is undisputable evidence it is Urkillerv.

    • This also isn’t the first time he tried to spy on us. He has done it before, so you are only lying more when you say that he would “never do” any spying.

      • Nickman. You aren’t listening. You want me and Urkiller to go on the chat at the same time so you can see we are clearly two different people? Can anything get through your thick skull? Does it not even occur to you that this was a set up? For all your paranoia…not a lot gets through your thick skull.

      • My main point is not that you spied on us before. I have told satan that he should not be DDoSing but he just keeps doing it, sorry Urkillerv. Know that I would never do anything or allow any of us to try and harm you in real life with actual crimes. That is a barrier that should never be passed.

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