9 comments on “Battle Dawn Progress report

  1. I am offering this one time. And one time only, take it or leave it.
    I am the member of a very well organized alliance that is doing well in-game.
    Our HQ is stationed in Earth 3, 3 ticks per hour. At the time I am writing this, I am rank 162 with a score of 340.
    Here is a prntscrn of our progress as a alliance: http://prntscr.com/2vo7hu
    We are currently allied with two alliances that have agreed to participate in a long term alliance.
    We are currently helping those alliances with a war on one of the top 10 alliances.
    This is what my main base looks like from the ‘My Colony’ viewpoint: http://prntscr.com/2vo7pl
    These three prntscrns are from the ‘Structures’ viewpoint: http://prntscr.com/2vo7u8 http://prntscr.com/2vo7xr http://prntscr.com/2vo808
    This is from my ‘Orders’ viewpoint: http://prntscr.com/2vo82l
    This is from inside my HAV(HeavilyArmoredVehicle) squad: http://prntscr.com/2vo87n
    The rest of my ships have just infantry in them, and the total amount of units at my current base is: 184
    A missile takes all the enemy units in a target down to 1%HP. And destroys 10% of all units in the target.
    I am currently the player that has the most amount of deadly units, including a missile.
    This is a overview look at how we stand among other alliances in the alliance tab: http://prntscr.com/2vo97e
    Our top ranking member is rank 44, out of 810 players.
    This is a closer view of my colony and some of our members: http://prntscr.com/2vo9qq
    In this alliance I am noticed as an experienced player along with some others, and I crank out units as fast as I can. Therefore I am designated as an attacker. So when I request that the alliance leader messages the alliance members asking for himself and myself to receive extra oil to preform an attack. We receive it.

    With joining this alliance you will later receive achievements and with achievements come blue tokens, you can use blue tokens or red tokens to ‘boost’ your colony. Which give you extra resources or workers. It can also increase the production of resources for 200 ticks. If you are a red booster you can use tokens to show off your colony with a golden encasing, or show off your avatar with a golden frame. One can also use red tokens to boost resource production as well. Or simply instantly gain 5000-10000 resources in one click. Red tokens do cost money, and there is no other way to get them.
    Here is an example of a couple of my current achievements: http://prntscr.com/2voatf

    We have warred one alliance, I was aloud the honor if you will. To conquer the leader, when you conquer someone’s colony you then gain a crystal. Crystals are used to increase score and resource production. They can become VERY useful, but there is a drawback. If you start conquering people and gaining crystals. It draws attention to you, and then makes you a much more entertaining target to capture. Because if someone captures you, not only do all of the colonies that you have captured become liberated. But you lose all of your crystals. And that pretty much leaves you screwed with almost no way of gaining a foot hold in that era.

    When I mentioned the word ‘liberate’ in the sentence above, I was referring to the freedom that you can bestow upon a captured colony of yours. This previous statement is not something you want to do because with control of a hostile or neutral colony, your current colony gains extra resources. Which of course allow you to produce more units or upgrade/build structures more quickly. Thus allowing you to expand your vast and glorious empire. Eventually allowing you to control most of the world, like we are currently doing in Earth 3; era 43; tick 284. (server, era, tick, at the time I am making this post)
    We control all of Greenland.
    Here is a world viewpoint of the alliances, and our alliance/enemies: http://prntscr.com/2vocub
    While I was playing the current alliance leader told me that we have taken out TWF for now, and we are going to take out WRU.
    So by looking at that prntscrn, you clearly see that us, and our allies control half of the world.(North America, South America, and Greenland)
    United we Stand, Divided we fall. Is our us three allies are looking at this. Because so far we have all worked well together and are supporting each other.

    You might have also noticed in one of my earlier prntscrns that we have a full alliance. Which means that if some of you would like to join us, you would need to construct a sub alliance. A sub alliance is the equivalent of a division in BOA. For example, the Sub alliance would be named something relative to the ‘parent’ alliance. Such as the PSN-BOA division. The decision of a sub alliance will not be made by just myself. It will consist of a discussion with the alliance leader and a close advisor, or in BattleDawn they are called ‘Ministers’. In one alliance you can appoint 3 Ministers, so there are 4 people of power in one alliance. There is ‘The Minister of War’, ‘The Minister of Foreign Relations’, and ‘The Minister of Intelligence’. They do not do anything special other than allow the appointed person the ability to invite people or remove them. It also just gives that person a title in the alliance. It is always good to appoint the minister positions with people that you can trust to make the right choices, and have good judgment or a likewise judgment with yourself.

    This offer will be open for only 144 ticks, that equals out to 48 hours, which is 2 days. If you do not join by then. You will not be aloud, and you will be capped for resources and crystals.

    This is my sign of good intentions to you Urk. I hope you can see that. Much love #NoHomo

    Feel free to comment below with, responses, questions, not wanting to join, wanting to join. Really anything related to this long annoying post that I made to help BOA with expansion, comment below.

    Time elapsed: 54 minutes
    Time taken to construct this post: 40 minutes
    Longest post ever: Yes! World Record Set 😛 (no not really)

    Anyways, like I said just a second ago. This is my sign of good will towards BOA, even though I am still at odds with a couple of its members. I would like a notification via comment if you will or will not be looking to join us, I will check this post again in 14 hours when it will be 1800 hours Central Standard Time, 2100 hours Atlantic Time, 1100 hours Pacific Time. So that gives all of you time to look at this post.

    Urk’s involvement in the GSA case was all fake fabricated evidence. He is an innocent person, and should still be a COO. Gigoto is a power hungry person, that will stop at nothing to gain what he wants. He has threatened me several times. And has attempted to get Satan to DDoS me twice since the case trial. Satan has refused because we look at each other as friends. The only reason Gigoto has not been DDoSed is because of his current living status and the people that protect his Network. Gigoto has had Satan DDoS Urk, 1-3 times since this case was finished. Mainly ‘Just because he can’
    Gigoto has admitted it one time. I had proof and was going to confront him with it, I did not because the person that I was speaking to did not want their identity reviled. I then proceeded to mark all of the things that could identify the person. After that the person did not want me to show him the proof so I respected that persons wish. Because that person is a great friend.
    Also if I were in an investigation room questioning Gigoto. I got enough proof to make one realize that he would attempt to remove Nickman101 from office if that was needed. Because Gigoto just wants to ‘Protect GSA at ALL costs’
    When he was presented with the question of “Would you remove Nick from GSA, ‘to protect it’ would you?”
    He only replied with “You would love to have that prntscrn wouldn’t you (D)”
    With that answer you can gather that he would do it if the opportunity presented itself.
    So let me put this into a real life scenario. (May get ‘nasty’)

    A father of 3 and husband of a loving wife comes home from work exhausted and frustrated, because of his hard day at work. When he gets home, he finds it odd that the children are not home and that he cannot hear the Television. Since it is 5:00 P.M. the children are normally home by now, and his wife is normally reclining in her favorite chair watching one of her favorite shows. Her favorite show is called ‘The Voice’, and Dan (we will just call him Dan) enjoys watching it with her while eating their favorite ice cream.
    Dan begins to walk the house starting at the living room, where he finds the remote on the chair, two empty glasses, and a near by bottle of champagne from their secret stash. This is all very odd because of two things. One, it looks as if she was here. And two, there are two glasses and a nearly empty bottle of champagne.
    At this moment Dan hears a noise that he cannot quite explain coming from upstairs, as he is going to the stairs, Dan grabs a knife just incase he needs to defend himself. Only as Dan gets closer to his bedroom door does he make out what that sound is, and to Dan’s surprise it is his wife moaning! Dan burst into the room, sees a man banging his wife, in his own bed! Dan takes the knife and repeatedly stabs the man in the back.
    The police arrive, arrest him, and conduct an investigation. The man was stabbed 23 times, with 8 stabbings being fatal. Striking the trachea, one lung, kidney, appendix, and stomach. Cause of death: drowning on his own blood. Very gruesome death actually. Approximately 48 seconds for the male to die.
    During the questioning of Dan, he was asked if he had attempted to hide evidence. Because they could not find the murder weapon. They just know it was a sharp object about 7″ in length.
    Dan’s reply was “No, but if I told you how much your mom was would you be surprised?” Which is a very sarcastic no.
    Eventually the officers grilled Dan enough that he gave in and told them where it was. Now, I went threw that story just to get to this point: Gigoto will eventually attempt to take over GSA, at this attempt he will more than likely fail. That is possible solely based on the fact that Nickman knows Gigoto’s reputation. And will put out Gigoto’s fire before it becomes an inferno hopefully.

    Though I am not a BOA member, I keep a check up on you. And I still think of what you should or should not do. Currently I think you should NOT war with GSA, though it is inevitable. Because the FG is blood thirsty. And they will get what they want.

    I guess you could say. I am turning a new leaf, somewhat like Urk is doing.

    Gnome, this is not an apology. You will never receive one unless I am presented with one first. This is not me being an @$$, it is what is necessary for the aggressor to do. Aggressors apologize first, unless you are the bigger man. And in this case I am. So the below statements hold in them an apology.

    Gnome. I am sorry that I requested Satan to DDoS you. It was in the heat of the moment, I feel that it was foolish of me. I will not ask Satan to do it again. Los siento.

    That was my apology, so now it is your turn. But lets be honest. You have been trying to keep me out of BOA since what Sarge did. Urk knows about what I speak of. Sarge apologized to me, and he was very sincere about it. I now request that you apologize as well. (No, I am not throwing some bs pitty party)

    Thank you for your time ladies and gentlemen,

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